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Our Team

Organic Developments has a large crew of numerous trades, with in house carpenters, electricians and plumbers, we can speed up your renovations without waiting on different trades to arrive on site. Our dream projects are complete renovations, where we can take the property back to its "bones" and start again. Extensions / additions, terraces are just as enjoyable. Structural work, removing load walls etc. is not a problem for us and we are fully insured for this. However apartment / house upgrades are our bread and butter, so if you deserve to live in more luxury, do not hesitate to contact us


We cover every aspect of carpentry, from structural to cabinetry marking to had made doors and windows. Kitchen, floors, decks, and doors.


Electricity always needs to be upgraded. Our fully licensed and insured technicians, will work hand in hand with you, to achieve your goals


Plumbing is very technical, but we also care about the details.


Everything is possible, not only does everything have a cost but especially with structural work it also has it rules, so engineer report and the correct permissions are a must.